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Outreach Support Practitioner

People Stories: Izzy Dorkin, Outreach Support Practitioner

This week thanks go to Izzy, one of our Outreach Support Practitioners, for sharing a few insights about her life and role. We discovered what sparked her interest in a social care job and what the best things are about working as a carer.

I’ve worked in social care for...
...2 weeks!

People might not know that I...
...used to play netball for my county until I was 15!

How did you get into social care?
I worked as a Care Assistant for 4 months back in 2020 and it sparked my interest in working with vulnerable people. Since finishing my Sociology degree, I started volunteering with Shout 85258, a texting service that supports people struggling with their mental health. I wanted to look into combining these two experiences into my first full-time job and this seemed perfect!

The best thing about working in care is...
...being able to support people who are struggling with their mental health, something which is often overlooked in our society. I look forward to developing strong relationships with clients over time.

My life motto:
Be kind because you never know what someone else is going through.

Something I love...
...is historical TV shows and films.

My favourite food is...
...Steak pie and mash, especially when it gets colder outside!

My favourite song is...
...Different every week, but at the moment it’s probably Marjorie by Taylor Swift.

I couldn’t live without...
...biscuits - they get me through the day half the time. Also my dog, Teddy!