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The colleague survey results are in!

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The colleague survey results are in!

Over 70% of our colleagues shared their views and our results show improvements in all areas! This is so good to hear and shows the investment in improvements to tools, training, leadership and focus is really working for our teams.

Listening to the voices of our Support Workers, Care teams and managers is very important at ivolve. We have local Your Say forums for the care teams as well as our survey.

We’re absolutely delighted to see top scores that reflect the pride our care teams have in what they do:

·       I believe my job makes a positive difference to the lives of others – up to a huge 90%

·       I do something worthwhile – up to 89%

·       We create an environment where people we support have choice over their lives and make the best of every moment. – up to 84%



eNPS is based on who would recommend us to family and friends. It’s a recognised overall measure of loyalty, enthusiasm and satisfaction.

It shows the number of our care team colleagues who would be ‘promoters’ of our business minus the number who would not promote us.

This has increased from 3% last year to 25% which is an incredible score!!!! It can range from minus 100 to plus 100 – anything beyond 10 is considered a good score and beyond 30 – outstanding!


The other highlights are:

Overall Happiness score up to 78%

Job satisfaction is 82%

Reward and recognition is up to 73%

Last year we achieved the WorkL Silver award for our engagement too!

We’ll keep improving

Having an Amazing Place to Work is one of our strategic priorities at ivolve. The purpose of the survey is to show areas we need to keep focused on and things we can do next. While our results are very strong there are things we have plenty on the list to make ivolve an even more Amazing Place to Work.