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A Day Trip to Skegness

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A Day Trip to Skegness

A day trip to Skegness

Embracing the joy of seaside adventures, our friendly colleagues and Nick*, set off for a memorable day at one of our favourite coastal spots, Skegness.

Located conveniently close to our lovely Humberston service, we’re lucky to have such delightful destinations within easy reach – so we always try to take advantage of this to provide activities for the people we support.

Recently, our enthusiastic group made the trip to sunny Skegness, where Nick’s* excitement was plain to see. The penny arcades beckoned, and Nick*, with a spirit of adventure, even stepped out of his wheelchair to experience the thrill of a car ride. This moment of freedom and joy mirrored the way his colleagues enjoy driving their cars, bringing a beaming smile to his face.

The fun didn’t stop there. Nick* delighted in the photobooths, particularly one themed after his favourite film, Toy Story. His laughter and enjoyment were infectious, spreading positivity all around. The day also included a visit to the Aquarium, a leisurely walk along the beach, and a sweet treat of fresh and tasty donuts!